Standard Presort (Bulk) Mail

"Standard Presort" mail, commonly called "Bulk," and more recently referred to a "Marketing" mail is often the most cost effective option for your marketing campaign.  Certain restrictions and minimums apply.  However, if you do not benefit by saturating (sending to every mailbox) a specific area, bulk mail may offer certain advantages, and may save as much as 50% over first class mailing.

Bulk mail requires a mailing list, and the list needs to be processed through mailing software to insure that addresses are deliverable, and to identify any addresses have been changed.  The mail pieces are then bar coded to facilitate postal processing.  

We can help you determine if bulk mail will be your best option, and if it is, we can print, process, and mail for you.  In fact, if you don't have a mailing list, we can get one based on the demographics you specify.

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