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We're Greener

We're Greener

We are taking positive steps to be greener, and consider it an ongoing process.

Several years ago we switched to a computer to plate system for our offset printing. What that means for the environment is that we have eliminated about 95% of the chemicals required to make plates using the old photographic processes. It also eliminated the need for us to contract for toxic waste removal. That is a win for everyone.

Paper is one of the most recycled materials used today. In fact, when people imply that reducing print is saving the environment, we encourage them to do some research into environmental impact of pixels (electronic media) versus paper. To many, it is an eye opening exercise. Some links are provided for those who care to learn more.

On the topic of recycling paper, we have formed a partnership with the local Habitat for Humanity to give them our recyclable paper cuttings. They in tern sell it to a recycling company. This generates some revenue to help Habitat help others, it gets more paper recycled, sends less material into landfills, and saves us on trash pick up. Again, a win for everyone.

On to the next project...